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Lodge on Lake Victoria

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Fact File

Rusinga Island Lodge is run by a professional team offering a warm welcome and a high level of service.

Lodge Season
The lodge is open all year round.

At 3,718 feet above sea level, Rusinga Island has a mild climate making activities pleasurable and viable year round. Typical daily temperatures range between 20-28 degrees C. The lake provides some humidity for the air, even during drying spells, making it hard to imagine a more favourable climate.

During the months of April and May the long rains - usually falling during the night - may prohibit some activities. The days are generally sunny and hot and evenings clear and warm. In the afternoon a welcome on-shore breeze stirs up, carrying on into the early evening.

What to Bring
Sun protection (hats, suncream, glasses), ankle-length walking boots for hikes, light windproof jackets, swimwear, binoculars, cameras and film. The atmosphere is informal and relaxed. Long sleeve shirts and traditional sarongs are often worn in the evenings.

24 hours electricity supply by main lines and a stand by generator.

Access is either by private air charter , by road or by schedule flights to Kisumu Airport. From Kisumu it's an interesting 3-hour drive and ferry ride to the lodge. The nearest scheduled flight points are the Maasai Mara or Kisumu. From the Maasai Mara a charter flight is recommended (35 minutes).

The airstrip is directly adjacent to the lodge - a 2-minute walk away!